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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How do power suppliers use the RERC?
A. Most utilities use the Council to stay updated on successful power supplier programs around the country. Others need an unbiased information source to help answer questions from their customers. Because the RERC works closely within the electric utility industry, it understands the business aspects and interests of power suppliers in serving customers.
Q. Are the Council’s topic areas strictly about agricultural electricity use?
A. No. Although many of our publications involve farm electricity topics, we assist with residential, commercial and small industry topics. Consider electric motors as an example. Several members have used our 1-day training course on motor basics and efficiency to assist key account customers, and to educate staff. Similar subjects include standby generators, residential energy audits, power quality, grounding and renewable energy.
Q. I see that the RERC is located in Wilmington, Ohio. Where is that?
A. Wilmington is located in southwesten Ohio, between Columbus and Cincinnati, off of Interstate 71. The Council rents office space located on the eastern end of town, on Rombach Avenue. Those needing a map to visit our offices can contact us.
Q. Can you share a list of current RERC members?
A. Although we do not circulate a list of member contact information, we can respond to a specific question about member organizations in a state or region. Feel free to contact us with your question.
Q. Is there a form to fill out for our organization to join?
A. You can find a simple membership enrolment form by clicking on the “Membership in RERC” menu button.
Q. Who serves on the RERC Board of Directors?
A. The Board is composed of electric utility leaders, typically CEOs from rural electric cooperatives and program managers from investor-owned companies.
Rural Electricity Resource Council (formerly National Food and Energy Council)
Wilmington, Ohio