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What We Do:

The Rural Electricity Resource Council is a nonprofit association that delivers information and technical assistance on the efficient use of energy, with an emphasis on rural applications. Knowledge is shared through printed materials, training courses, resources on this Web site, and direct technical assistance to members. 

Our audience
: Primarily electric power suppliers, including investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, smart grids, and public power districts.

: RERC helps member organizations better serve their customers, who have questions on such topics as:
Electric motor efficiency Key accounts programs
Improved lighting options Wiring or grounding upgrades for power quality
Energy audits for homes and farms Ventilation fan efficiency
Standby generator sizing or distributed New options for serving three-phase loads with
      generation sources       single-phase service

RERC also offers resources for teachers or consumers through this Web site. Using the menu buttons at the top of this page, you can find useful articles that answer common questions about electricity use. More in-depth information is available through the publications and other materials, found under "Our Products".

Special Services for Members: 
For member-supporters of RERC we have specific services, delivered through multiple methods. To educate your utility customers, we offer newsletter-ready articles on energy efficiency, safety and other topics. Free artwork and photos can also be accessed through the password-protected section of this site, along with updates on hot topics, answers to tough customer questions, and other time-saving resources. These items add value to your local efforts, and are available only to RERC members.

For a specific list of services and Member Benefits, please click on the menu tab above titled "Membership in RERC". We also enjoy talking to power suppliers about their information needs, so feel free to call our offices between 7:30 AM. and 4:30 PM. Eastern Time. We would be glad to provide ideas, tips and additional information on our services.
Rural Electricity Resource Council (formerly National Food and Energy Council)
Wilmington, Ohio